Koubia Prefecture

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Koubia Prefecture
Location of Koubia Prefecture and seat in Guinea.
Location of Koubia Prefecture and seat in Guinea.
Country  Guinea
Region Labé Region
Capital Koubia
 • Total 1,100 sq mi (2,800 km2)
 • Total 114,000
Time zone Guinea Standard Time (UTC+0)

Koubia is a prefecture located in the Labé Region of Guinea in the Fouta Djallon mountains. Fulas are the majority ethnic group in the region with Fula (Pular) as the primary language. The capital is Koubia. The prefecture covers an area of 2,800 km.² and has an estimated population of 114,000.


The prefecture is divided administratively into 6 sub-prefectures:

  1. Koubia-Centre
  2. Fafaya
  3. Gadha-Woundou
  4. Matakaou
  5. Missira
  6. Pilimini

Coordinates: 11°35′00″N 11°54′00″W / 11.5833°N 11.9000°W / 11.5833; -11.9000