Kouhei Kadono

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Kouhei Kadono
Born (1968-12-12) December 12, 1968 (age 48)
Chiba, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Alma mater Hosei University
Genre Light novel, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery
Notable works Boogiepop series

Kouhei Kadono (上遠野 浩平, Kadono Kōhei, born December 12, 1968) is a Japanese author, best known for the Boogiepop series, which has also been adapted as a live action movie, two manga and an anime.


Born December 12, 1968, he graduated from Hosei University.

In 1998, his light novel Boogiepop and Others won the Fourth Dengeki Novel Prize,[1] and was later adapted into a film, and a manga illustrated by Kouji Ogata.


Boogiepop series[edit]

Boogiepop Novels
Beat's Discipline
  • Beat's Discipline Side 1[Exile]
  • Beat's Discipline Side 2[Fracture]
  • Beat's Discipline Side 3[Providence]
  • Beat's Discipline Side 4[Indiscipline]
Repent Walpurgis
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 1[Warning Witch]
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 2[Spitting Witch]
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 3[Dozing Witch]
  • Repent Walpurgis Fire 4[freezing witch]
The Emperoider
  • The Emperoider Spin 1[Wormy Empire]
  • The Emperoider Spin 2[Gravelly Empire]
  • The Emperoider Spin 3[Haunted Empire]
Short Stories
  • Metal Guru
  • London Calling
  • My Death Waits
  • Boogiepop Poplife
  • Chariot Choogle
  • Angel Volume

Tokuma Dual[edit]

Night Watch Trilogy
  • The Night Watch into the Night Yawn
  • The Night Watch under The Cold Moon (VS Imaginator Part IV)
  • The Night Watch against the Star-Crossed Star
Novel 21 Shonen no Jikan (anthology)
  • Controversy about Iron Mask (short story)


Jiken series
  • A Case of Dragonslayer
  • Inside the Apocalypse Castle
  • The Man in Pirate’s Island
  • Some Tragedies of No-Tear Land
  • The cruel tale of ZANKOKU-GO
  • Injustice of innocent princess
  • Beyond The Dragon's Skies
  • Outlandos d'amour
  • Jagtiger (Porsche Laufwerk
  • When Hornet Says Leb'wohl
  • Dragonfly in the Sky with Gold
  • Eyes of Guignol, or Outside the Castle
  • A Spoon of Jackpot
  • Masque of Veiled Man
  • Snows in Dragon's Teeth
Mystery Land

Shizuru-san series[edit]

The Eccentric Dead In White Sickroom[edit]

The Eccentric Dead In White Sickroom (しずるさんと偏屈な死者たち, Shizurusan to Henkutsuna Shishatachi) is the first novel in the Shizurusan series written by Kadono and illustrated by Kaya Kuramoto. It tells four stories of two girls and one short story about a fictional character created by the girls.

All of Kadono's works are linked together to a greater or lesser degree. The Shizuru-san series is particularly connected with Boogiepop Unblance: Holy & Ghost.

Plot summary[edit]

""There is no mysterious mystery but "deception" there -- ."" The beauty girl who lives a life bedridden in a hospital challenges mysterious incidents which spread over the world by the cool pupil and sharp insight with a partner.

"Yō-chan" (よーちゃん, Yō-chan) (Real-name is unknown.)
A familiar face of the hospital in which Shizuru-san is, and her best friend. She comes for Shizuru frequently to see and talk to because she herself is pleasant.
Shizuru-san (しずるさん, Shizuru-san)
A beauty attached and interested severely in cruel incidents which Yo wants to avert her eyes and the intricately complicated mystery. The incidents in which she got interested are solved one after another only by her reading data, without her moving from the hospital. The incident she indicates interest is unsolvable by any means, if it is thought using ordinary common sense. During guessing she is indifferent to Yo's feeling, although she is usually so gentle that she wants Yo not to have a decadent idea. She always remains calm. She never utters loud voice and does not talk rapidly.
Chikuta (チクタ)
Sewing-basis which Yo was loving once. Yo and Shizuru make him into a hero and collaborate with each other in telling one story.

Other works in series[edit]

  • The Bottomless Closed-Rooms in the Limited World
  • The Silent Princess in the Unprincipled Tales
  • The Cavalier Bleeds For The Blood

Soul Drop series[edit]

  • Spectral Speculation of Soul-Drop
  • Phantasm Phenomenon of Memoria-Noise
  • Labyrinthine Linkage of Maze-Prison
  • The Deprived Proof of Topolo-Shadow
  • The Screened Script of Crypt-Mask
  • Infinity Inference of Out-Gap
  • Remote Thinking of Cogito-Pinocchio

Other works[edit]


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