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Kōshi Rikudō
Born (1970-11-16) November 16, 1970 (age 48)
Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Area(s)Manga artist
Notable works
Excel Saga

Kōshi Rikudō (六道 神士, Rikudō Kōshi, born November 16, 1970) is a Japanese manga artist, his most notable work being Excel Saga. Rikdo is a graduate of Kyushu Sangyo University[citation needed] and lives in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. His most popular work is Excel Saga,[1] a manga which he describes as a work dealing with the everyday aspects of living in Japan. The anime version of Excel Saga contains stories from the first five volumes of the manga, and even features Rikdo as a character (voiced by Wataru Takagi).


Title Year Notes Refs[2]
Excel Saga 1996–2011 Serialized in Young King OURs
Published by Shōnen Gahosha for 27 volumes
Municipal Force Daitenzin (市立戦隊ダイテンジン, Shiritsu Sentai Daitenjin) dojinshi, predecessor to Excel Saga
Holy Brownie 2002–10 (vols.) Published by Young King Comics 6 volumes
Arabaki (荒吐) 2003 (vol.) Published by Young Jump Comics Ultra, 2 volumes
Deathless (デスレス, Desuresu) 2010–15 (vols.) Published by Young King Comics 10 volumes
Akanpurisu (アカンプリス) 2011 (vol.) Published by TS Comics
Echo / Zeon (エコー/ゼオン, Ekō/ zeon) 2011-2012 (vols.) Published by Kadokawa Comics Ace, 3 volumes
Sarakaeru (サラカエル) 2011 (vol.) Published by Dengeki Comics, 1 volume
Moebius Gear (メビウスギア, Mebiusugia)
Illustrations. Original story by Toshiki Inoue
2008–09 (vols.) Published by Young Jump Comics Ultra, 4 volumes
Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn (紅殻のパンドラ, Koukaku no Pandora)
Manga. Draft by Masamune Shirow
2013– (vols.) Published by Kadokawa Comics Ace, 9 volumes (ongoing)
Simple Kiss (カンタンキス, Kantankisu) 2014 (vols.) Published by Young King Comics 2 volumes


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