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Yonehara Kousuke (米原 幸佑 Yonehara Kousuke?, born March 13, 1986) is a Japanese singer and actor. He is part of the J-pop and acting group Run&Gun. He was born in Osaka.

He started his career as a Johnny's Jr. but left the company early to join the dance group DANK which later evolved into Run&Gun.

He is best known for his part in Musical Air Gear. In the first musical he played Team Bacchus' member Hamlet, but in the second installment he took over the role of Romeo from Kamiyama Ryuji after he had replaced Kenta Kamakari (who had fallen ill) as Ikki.

He also played the female role of Rosemary in several Maria Magdalena stages.

Between April 2010 and March 2012, he was the drummer of the ikemen J-rock group ココア男 (Cocoa Otoko).

Currently he mainly does stage acting.




  • Route 58 (2003)
  • The Kabocha Wine - Another (2007)
  • Detroit Metal City (2008)
  • Wangan midnight the movie (2009)
  • Hero Show (ヒーローショー) (2010)
  • のぼうの城 (2012)
  • どうしても触れたくない [Doushitemo Furetakunai] (2014)
  • Gachiban New Generation (2015)
  • Jinroh Shokei game 人狼 処刑ゲーム (2015)
  • Killing curriculum Jinroh Shokei game prologue キリング・カリキュラム ~人狼処刑ゲーム 序章~(2015)

TV drama[edit]

  • Yama Onna Kabe Onna (2007) as Morita Goro
  • ヘヴンズ・ロック ~Heaven's Rock~ (2010) (Together with Cocoa Otoko) as Yuusake
  • Black Market Ushijima-kun ( 闇金ウシジマくん) (2010) as Sugure (last episode)
  • Emperor of New Minami (新・ミナミの帝王) (2013)
  • Wednesday Mystery 9 「浅草下町通交番 子連れ巡査の捜査日誌」 (2013)


  • Musical Air Gear (2007/01, Tokyo + Osaka) as Hamlet
  • Musical Air Gear vs. Bacchus Super Range Remix (2007/05, Tokyo) as Romeo
  • RUN&GUN stage: Blue sheets (2008/01 Tokyo + Osaka) as Masaru
  • RUN&GUN stage 2: Yoosoro (2008/10) as Daisaku
  • マリア・マグダレーナ来日公演 -『マグダラなマリア』~マリアさんのMad (Apple) Tea Party~ (Rosemary) (2008)
  • Fruits Basket Stage (Souma Kagura) (2009)
  • DUST (2009)
  • Fake Heart (2009)
  • Peace Maker Stage (2009)
  • "My sweetheart is invisible" (恋人は透明人間) (2009)
  • Maria Magdalena ~Mad Apple Tea Party~ (2010) as Rosemary
  • Maria Magdalena (2012) as Rosemary


  • コロプラ (2011年8月 - )
    • 「コロニーな生活」編 その1
    • 「コロニーな生活」編 その2
    • 「キャリー・ストーリー」


  • Flying Mellon (2007) Co-author: Ryuji Kamiyama
  • 今夜ウォッカが滴る肉体 (Tonight, a body dripping with vodka) (2009)

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