Kovachevsko kale

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Kovachevsko kale
Kovachevsko kale Popovo.jpg
Aerial photo of the fortress
Kovachevsko kale is located in Bulgaria
Kovachevsko kale
Location within Bulgaria
Founded during the reign of Licinius or Constantine I
Founded early 4th century AD
Abandoned late 6th century AD
Place in the Roman world
Province Moesia Secunda
— Stone structure —
Size and area (4 - 5.2 ha)
Shape Roughly triangular
Wall thickness 3 - 3.5 m
Coordinates 43°21′33.31″N 26°8′45.36″E / 43.3592528°N 26.1459333°E / 43.3592528; 26.1459333
Town Kovachevets, near Popovo
County Targovishte
Country  Bulgaria
Site notes
Condition Ruined

Kovachevsko kale (Bulgarian: Ковачевско кале) is a late Roman fortress, whose ruins are 6 kilometres (4 mi) west of the Bulgarian town of Popovo, near the modern road Popovo - Byala. The ancient name of the settlement is unknown. The Czech archaeologist Karel Škorpil called it Kovachoveshko kale, after the name of the nearby village, Kovachevets (at that time Kovachovets).

The fortress is on a flat terrain, naturally protected by low-water rivers. It has a roughly triangular form. The defensive stone walls are fortified with 17 U-shaped towers. There are two gates, one to the west, to other one to the north-east.

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