Kovilur, Tiruvannamalai

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Kovilur is located in Tamil Nadu
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 12°35′N 79°31′E / 12.59°N 79.52°E / 12.59; 79.52Coordinates: 12°35′N 79°31′E / 12.59°N 79.52°E / 12.59; 79.52
Country India
StateTamil Nadu
99 m (325 ft)
 • OfficialTamil
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code91(0)4182
Vehicle registrationTN25
Lok Sabha constituencyArani
Vidhan Sabha constituencyCheyyar

Kovilur is a village in the Thiruvannamalai District near Cheyyar Town in the Tamil Nadu state of South India and have a population of 5,123.


Two Goddesses

Kovilur, as the way of representing the name Kovilur has many Temples(13 Temples). Two main temples are Sivan and Perumal, other temples are Ponni Amman, Maari Amman, Kaplaampaadi Ammai, Dhiroubathi Amman, 7. Sri Sappaani Vinayagar, Gangai Amman, Amaichaar Amman, Aanchineyar, Malayanur Amman, Earikarai Ponni Amman and Vinayagar.


The highlighting thing in Kovilur during Pongal is Mattu Pongal, i.e. the second day of Pongal. People assemble in a particular place with their bullcarts, bulls and also cows after going around (two times) the Perumal Temple. Then Lord Murugan and Lord Venkateswara are brought to that place and the awaiting peoples get Dharisanam, then go for the third round and leave back to their houses. This total action takes only two hours.


The Surasamharam Battle. After the day of Diwali as remembering the past, how the titan Suran was killed by lord Muruga is re-enacted as a drama for six days. During those days in the evening between 7 and 8 pm some of our village people acted as Lord Muruga and Titan Suran then they fight each other, on the sixth day only titan Suran was killed and to enjoy that, people use some crackers. All the peoples assemble in a particular place around 6 pm and they play games—Kabadi for men and Gummi Paattu for women until Suraamharam starts (7 pm).

On the seventh day in Eswaran temple lord Murugan's Thiru Kalyanam will take place. This seems the end of Diwali.


Kovilur is located at 12.5866°N 79.5215°E in the north eastern corner of Thiruvannamali district of Tamil Nadu. It is 100 km (60 mi) southwest of Chennai the state capital. Cheyyar and Vandavasi are the two towns which are closer to Kovilur, Cheyyar 8 km (5 mi) and Vandavasi 10 km (6 mi) away.

Streets in Kovilur[edit]

Kovilur has eleven streets:

  1. Kalathu mettu Street 20-30 houses ( where people assemble more, since there is school, and post office then bus terminal)
  2. Eluppamara Street has 18–24 houses
  3. Sripathy Street has 40–45 houses
  4. Kammaala Street has 5–6 houses
  5. Mettu Street has 35–40 houses
  6. Palla Street has 35–40 houses
  7. bramin Street has 15–20 houses
  8. Pettai Street has 55–60 houses
  9. Pudhu Street has 60–65 houses
  10. Road Street has 15–20 houses
  11. Vinayagar Kovil Street has 35–40 houses

Streets in mulagiripattu[edit]

Kovilur has Eleven streets:

  1. Kamarajar salai 30-45 houses
  2. VOC Street has 8-10 houses
  3. Thopu Street has 18–24 houses
  4. bharathi Street has 40–45 houses
  5. kannakan Street has 5–6 houses
  6. kulathankarai Street has 35–40 houses
  7. Allaamara Street has 35–40 houses
  8. Arasamara Street has 15–20 houses
  9. Thundu Street has 55–60 houses
  10. School Street has 60–65 houses
  11. vinayagar kovil Street has 15–20 houses