Kowie River

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Kowie River
Kowie River, South Africa.jpg
The Kowie River near Bathurst
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
Mouth Indian Ocean
 - location Port Alfred
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 33°36′06″S 26°53′58″E / 33.60167°S 26.89944°E / -33.60167; 26.89944Coordinates: 33°36′06″S 26°53′58″E / 33.60167°S 26.89944°E / -33.60167; 26.89944
Length 94 km (58 mi)
Basin 800 km2 (309 sq mi)
Location of the Kowie River mouth

The Kowie River is a river in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It has its source in the hills of the "Grahamstown Heights" from where it flows in a south-easterly direction draining the major part of the Bathurst region, reaching the Indian Ocean through an estuary at Port Alfred.

Its major tributaries are the Bloukrans River, the Bak River and the Lushington River (or Torrens). The Little Kowie River is a smaller tributary which enters the estuarine portion of the river 14 km from the mouth. There are also a number of smaller unnamed streams entering the river along its course. The Kowie river is part of the Fish to Tsitsikama Water Management Area.[1]


There is a small population of the endangered Eastern Province rocky (Sandelia bainsii) in the Kowie river.[2]

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