Kowloon Residents' Association

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Kowloon Residents' Association
President B. L. Frost
Founded 19 January 1920
Membership (1920) 122

The Kowloon Residents' Association was one of the earliest political organisations in Hong Kong history.

It was formed by a group of Europeans residing on the Kowloon Peninsula on 19 January 1920 originally pressed for more public works on the peninsula. Later on in the same year it held a joint committee with the Constitutional Reform Association of Hong Kong asking for representation in the Legislative Council but was rejected by the Governor Reginald Stubbs.[1]

Members of the Association participated in many public services including the Legislative Council and Sanitary Board (later Urban Council). José Pedro Braga and Ts'o Seen Wan, the member of the Sanitary Board and unofficial member of the Legislative Council were also the members of the Association. After the Pacific War when the Urban Council election held again in 1952, William S. T. Louey was elected with Brook Bernacchi of the Reform Club. Louey lost in re-election next year.

In 1927, the Association asked the government for more public lights and stronger car headlights on the roadways in Kowloon.[2]


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