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Koyo Electronics Co., Ltd.[1]
(Koyo Denki, Co., Ltd.)[citation needed]
Native name
Kōyō Denki, K.K.
Founded 1955 (1955) in Tokyo[1]
Products Portable radios[1]
Subsidiaries Koyo Electronics Industry
Koyo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.
Native name
Kōyō Denshi Kōgyō, K.K.
Founded March 18, 1959 (1959-03-18) in Tokyo[1]
Headquarters Tenjin-cho, Kodaira, Tokyo[1]
Products Electronic control devices, imaging devices, automotive devices, factory automation control systems[1]
Website koyoele.co.jp/english/

Koyo Electronics (Kōyō Denki) and its subsidiary Koyo Electronics Industry (Kōyō Denshi Kōgyō), often collectively referred to as just Koyo, are Japanese electronics companies based in Kodaira, Tokyo[2] that manufactured radios since 1955 until 1973, and now its subsidiary manufactures industrial electronics devices and factory automation control systems.[1]

Their first product was a vacuum tube radio released in 1955,[3][4] and their first transistor radio was the KR-6TS-1 radio released in the spring of 1957[5][6] at the price of 14,000 yen.[7] Through the 1960s, Koyo had manufactured and sold millions of portable transistor radios, particularly, their best-selling model KTR-624 had been shipped over one million units in ten years since its release in 1961.[8][9] Their several models had been sold under other brands, and also supplied to other manufacturers including Philco, Grundig, etc.[10]

However, in the August 1973, they ceased manufacture of audio products including radio receivers and record players.[11]



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