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For sports, see Kansas Koyotes.
Also known as Koyotae
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, dance music, Eurodance, hip hop
Years active 1998 – present
Labels Trifecta Entertainment
Yuri Entertainment
2012 KYT Entertainment
Members Kim Jong Min
Shin Ji
Bbaek Ga
Past members Cha Seung Min
Kim Goo
Kim Young Wan
Jung Myung Hoon

Koyote (Korean: 코요태) is a South Korean popular dance and hip hop group consisting of members Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji, and Bbaek Ga. The group debuted in 1999 with Shin Ji, Cha Seung Min, and Kim Goo. As a group, they are known for their catchy dance/pop songs, which have been their trademark. In 2005, Koyote won the KBS daesang (대상) (the South Korean equivalent of the Grammy Award) for "Artist of the Year".[1]

Current members[edit]

Kim Jong Min[edit]

Main article: Kim Jong Min

Kim Jong Min (김종민) (born September 24, 1979) has been with the group since the third album. He was background dancer for Uhm Jung-Hwa before joining with Koyote.[2] He has been the male vocal of the group, as well as its most prominent member in terms of public appearances. Kim Jong Min has been notable for being a popular mainstay of many Korean variety shows (such as KBS's Heroine 6 and SBS' Love Letter), as he has become a goofy, naïve "character" known for silly comments and actions. In 2006, he won the Best Entertainer Award from the KBS' drama awards. He had also been dating Hyun Young (유현영) but broke up recently due to her busy schedule and his military service. As of December 18, 2009, he had finished his 2-years military service and is now a member of the show 1 Night 2 Days (1박2일) (of which he was originally a regular cast member, but left earlier due to military service).

His return to the showbiz after military service was met with harsh criticism as many felt that he was not performing well. But his determination pulled him through the low tides.

For the song "Return", he came up with the dance choreography from observing then-current dance patterns in many places.

Apart from the weekly show 1 Night 2 Days, he is also one of the co-host for a cooking show. In April 2011, after years of performing as a group, Kim Jong Min released his very first EP "Oppa Find Strength". [3]

Shin Ji[edit]

Main article: Shin Ji

Shin Ji (신지) (born November 18, 1981) is the only original member remaining in the group since Koyote debuted. Notable as the main lead singer in the group, her unique vocal and her ability to reach high pitch notes won over many fans and impressed many listeners.

She has also been noted for her weight loss in the early 2000s, and has been jokingly called the man of the group (when compared to the relative weakness of Kim Jong Min).

Not only is she a singer, she is also an actress. In "Unstoppable High Kick", she plays the role of divorcee whose ambition is to become a music composer. Her lovable character won a MBC award in 2007. [4]

In one of the Korean variety show, she wept when asked about Kim Jong Min's absence (due to military service) showing her weak side. She shocked many fans and viewers during a solo performance of a ballad as she was seemingly nervous and shaking throughout the performance. She admitted in talk shows that despite so many years performing on stage, she was not accustomed to performing alone on stage, another weakness which she is still trying to overcome.

On 14 July 2009, she collapsed at home due to exhaustion.[5] Fortunately, she returned to showbiz in pink health.

She has released the digital single "Always" which was used as soundtrack for anime game Yogurting and has debut her own solo album in 2009 to prevent the replacement of Kim Jong Min's position in Koyote.[6]

Bbaek Ga[edit]

Bbaek Ga (빽가) (born May 14, 1981),real name Baek Sung Hyun (백성현), has been in the group since 2004, making his debut for the sixth album, taking on the role as the rapper of the group.

He went for his mandatory military time on 15 October 2009. But in December 2009, he was diagnosed with brain tumor while serving his mandatory time in military. He underwent brain surgery in January 2010.[7] His operation was a success and he took time off to recover with the support of his family and friends.

He has been working behind the scene as a photographer. For Koyote's mini album "Return", although he was not able to perform, but he took on the role of the photographer for the mini album photos.

In 2011, Baekga made a comeback with Koyote and released a new mini album "Good Good Han Koyote" on 18 August 2011.

Former members[edit]

Cha Seung Min[edit]

Cha Seung Min (차승민) (born June 12, 1979) was the male vocalist for the first and second album. Cha Seung Min left to the U.S. for abroad studies. He was raised in Annandale, Virginia area before being discovered. Kim Jong Min replaced him starting from their third album.[8]

Kim Young Wan[edit]

Kim Young Wan (김영완) (born May 17, 1970)

Jung Myung Hoon[edit]

Jung Myung Hoon (정명훈) (born February 21, 1982) replaced Kim Young Wan for the fifth album. He was previously a member of the group OPPA and PLT. He left to serve his compulsory duties for the military. Bbaek Ga replaced him starting from their sixth album.


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Year Award
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 신인상 (New Artist)
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 신인상 (New Artist)
  • KMTV 가요대전 (KMTV Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • KMTV 가요대전 (KMTV Music Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 팝댄스부문 그룹상 (Best Pop-Dance Group)
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KMTV 코리안 뮤직 어워드 – 올해의 가수상 (KMTV Korean Music Awards – Artist of The Year)
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KMTV 코리안 뮤직 어워드 -올해의 가수상 (KMTV Korean Music Awards – Artist of The Year)
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 프로듀서가 뽑은 인기가수상 (Producer's Most Popular Artist)
  • MBC 10대 가수상 (MBC Best 10 Music Awards) 본상
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • MBC 10대 가수상 (MBC Best 10 Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 올해의 가수상 (Artist of the Year)

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2000 Best Mixed Group "Passion"[9][10] Nominated
2001 "Paran"[11] Won
2002 "Y"[12] Nominated
2003 "Emergency"[13] Won
2004 "Disco King"[14] Won
2005 "1, 2, 3, 4"[15] Won
2009 Best Mixed Gender Group "Nonsense" (넌센스)[16] Nominated

Cover versions[edit]

  • In 2000, Richie Ren firstly covered "Soonjeong (순정)" in Mandarin-Chinese version as "A Dragon" (一條龍), premiered at Taiwan Golden Dragon Baseball Championship (金龍旗棒球賽).
  • In July 2006, Japanese artist, DJ OZMA, released a cover version of Koyote's debut single "Soonjeong (순정)". The title was transliterated as "Sunjon" (純情-スンジョン).