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For the settlement in Croatian Baranja, see: Kozarac, Čeminac
Location of Prijedor within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location of Prijedor within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region Bosanska Krajina
Municipality Prijedor
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Kozarac (pronounced [kɔ̂zarats]) is a town in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the Prijedor Municipality, near the city of Prijedor. It is located 10 km east of Prijedor and 45 km west of Banja Luka. The name Kozarac comes from a story saying Canyon from Kozara will make strong wind called Kozarac. However, the prevailing wind in Kozarac is mild.

Kozarac is also famous because of the Kozara National Park.

Kozarac now has two public swimming pools, 14 mosques, one church, a shopping mall, plus many restaurants and bars. Every summer in Kozarac, famous musicians from across the whole of former Yugoslavia perform, and around 15,000 people who are from Kozarac but are living abroad, come back to Kozarac to spend their summer there.


During the time of Yugoslavia, Kozarac had near 20,000 citizens;[1] 1,233 of these people were killed during the war. Mass graves are still being excavated.

Coordinates: 44°58′N 16°50′E / 44.967°N 16.833°E / 44.967; 16.833

Notable people[edit]

References in Popular Culture[edit]

In the BBC drama series New Tricks episode 84 "Things Can Only Get Better", Hana Koranović, a suspect in the case, comes from Kozarac.


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