Kozawa Station

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Kozawa Station
JR Hakodate-Main-Line Kozawa Station building.jpg
Kozawa Station in 2017
Location Japan
Coordinates 42°58′19″N 140°40′39″E / 42.9719°N 140.6775°E / 42.9719; 140.6775Coordinates: 42°58′19″N 140°40′39″E / 42.9719°N 140.6775°E / 42.9719; 140.6775
Operated by JR logo (hokkaido).svg JR Hokkaido
Line(s) Hakodate Main Line
Distance 203.6 km from Hakodate
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Structure type At grade
Other information
Status Unstaffed
Station code S22
Opened 18 July 1904 (1904-07-18)

Kozawa Station (小沢駅, Kozawa-eki) is a railway station in Kyōwa, Hokkaidō, Japan. It is operated by JR Hokkaido and has the station number "S22".[1]


The station is served by the Hakodate Main Line and is 203.6 km from the start of the line at Hakodate.[2]

Station layout[edit]

Kozawa Station consists of an island platform connected to the station building by a footbridge.


2  Hakodate Main Line for Otaru and Sapporo
3  Hakodate Main Line for Kutchan and Oshamambe

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Hakodate Main Line
Kutchan Rapid Ginzan
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The privately run Hokkaido Railway opened the station on 18 July 1904 when it extended its track between Ranshima and Shikaribetsu southwards to it. The track was extended further south from Kozawa to Neppu by 19 Oct 1904, establishing through traffic all the way to Hakodate. After the Hokkaido Railway was nationalized on 1 July 1907, Japanese Government Railways (JGR) took over control of the station. On 12 October 1909 the station became part of the Hakodate Main Line. On 1 April 1987, with the privatization of Japanese National Railways (JNR), the successor of JGR, the station came under the control of JR Hokkaido.[2][3] From 1 October 2007, station numbering was introduced on JR Hokkaido lines, with Kozawa Station becoming "S22".[4]


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