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Kozmoz International is a nonprofit volunteer-ied humanitarian organization that provides support to those who are in need. Currently Kozmoz International supports those in need through donations, food kitchens and clothing drives. Kozmoz International is completely supported by its members, staff, and participants in its programs. They do not receive any support from governmental, political or religious organizations. 100% of Kozmoz Internationals income goes to logistic and on site expenses with support from volunteers.


The Kozmoz International organization was established in 1987. Kozmoz is an international organization with locations in four countries dedicated to helping people in need. In 2004, Kozmoz International had an operating budget of approximately 50,000 dollars worldwide. 100 percent of those donations were contributed by their members. They provided over one half million dollars of material assistance in 2004.[1]


  • One of the first groups to head into Tohoku Japan, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, providing food and supplies to survivors.[2][3]
  • Engaging expert consultants such as Professor Barry Kerzin to teach teachers in a long-term victim support project, teaching anger management, forgiveness, gratitude, mind training, and meditation to teachers and caregivers helping survivors in the Tohoku area.
  • Kozmoz is currently developing a network of food and clothing banks to provide for needy families in Kyoto, Japan.[4]

Various services[edit]

  • internship and volunteer programs in Kyoto(Japan), Phuket and Bangkok(Thailand), Spokane(Washington), and Los Cabos San Lucas(Mexico). (Future programs will be established in China.) [5]
  • Hosting a foreign student.
  • English School(Eikaiwa).
  • Kozmoz New York coffee in Kyoto. A coffee shop in Kyoto that offers New York style dishes to customers.
  • Japanese website


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