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District Capital
Kpassa is located in Ghana
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 8°13′N 0°33′E / 8.217°N 0.550°E / 8.217; 0.550Coordinates: 8°13′N 0°33′E / 8.217°N 0.550°E / 8.217; 0.550
Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Volta Region
District Nkwanta North District
Elevation 108 m (354 ft)
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

Kpassa is a town and is the capital of Nkwanta North District, a district in the Volta Region of Ghana.[1] The people of Kpassa are mostly Konkombas. In the past, the inhabitants of Kpassa have mainly engaged in farming. This trend has changed during the past two decades. Younger inhabitants are actively pursuing education and small-scale business activities, while the older ones are into politics. As a result, Kpassa has undergone rapid expansion during these past two decades. The town is expected to expand further once the Eastern Corridor Road Project is completed. In terms of architecture, a returning visitor will easily noticed that the town is rapidly shifting from mud buildings or "atakpame" to modern block buildings. In fact, most people in the town attach this shift to prestige and affluence in the society. At the current rate, one is expected to find fewer atakpame buildings a decade in the future. The economy of Kpassa is critical to the Volta Region, owing to its engagement in the production of valuable agricultural products such as corn, yam, cassava, millet, groundnuts, pepper, soya beans, and beans, among others.


Kpassa is known for the Kpassa Secondary School.[2][3] The school is a second cycle institution.[4]

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