Kráľová pri Senci

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Kráľová pri Senci (Hungarian: Királyfa, meaning King Tree) is a village and municipality in western Slovakia in Senec District in the Bratislava Region.

So called "baroque" bridge in Kráľová pri Senci.


The village was first mentioned in 1363, it was royal property, hence probably the name. The most significant landmark of village is secession bridge over the river Čierna voda, which was built in 1904 and it imitates baroque architecture.


The village lies at an altitude of 128 metres and covers an area of 19.912km². It has a population of 1426 people (as of 2004).

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Coordinates: 48°12′N 17°27′E / 48.200°N 17.450°E / 48.200; 17.450