Król Dawid

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Polish War Ships' Battle Jack in 17th centuryPoland
Name: Król Dawid
Namesake: King David
Launched: 1623
Commissioned: 1626
Decommissioned: c. 1630
Fate: captured by the citizens of Lübeck
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 400
Length: approximately 34 m (112 ft)
Beam: approximately 7.5 m (25 ft)
Complement: 60 (and up to 100 marines)
  • 31 guns of various calibres
  • 2 stone throwers

Król Dawid (King David in English) was a galleon of the Polish Navy. It fought during the Battle of Oliwa.

It was launched in 1623 in Gdańsk and initially served as a merchant ship under a German name of König David. During the Polish wars with Sweden, it was drafted into the Polish navy along with Wodnik and Arka Noego. They fought in the Battle of Hel on May 17, 1627. After a short artillery duel the skirmish was over. The following day the escadrille met a convoy of 24 Swedish vessels off the coast of Biała Góra, near Łeba. After a short artillery barrage, the Polish ships managed to evade the enemy and headed for Kołobrzeg. Several days afterwards the escadre managed to break through the Swedish blockade and returned to Wisłoujście, one of two main bases of the Polish Navy.

Under the command of a Scottish captain and shipbuilder Jakub Murray, the ship took part in the victorious battle of Oliwa of November 28, 1627. However, the ship played only a minor role and failed to support Wodnik in her attack on Swedish galleon Solen yet received some damage. After the battle the command was given to Grzegorz Fentross, who also became the admiral of the Polish fleet. Thus Król Dawid became the flagship of the entire Polish Navy. However, during the Swedish assault on Wisłoujście of July 6, 1628, admiral Fentross was killed and Król Dawid received some damage due to artillery fire. All Polish ships were withdrawn up the Vistula river.

In January 1629, the ship was rented by king Sigismund III Vasa to the Habsburg-led Catholic League and served during the Thirty Years' War. Stationed in Wismar, the ship fought against Danish and Swedish fleets at the Baltic Sea and the Northern Sea. In November 1630, however, chased by a Swedish pursuit escadre, Król Dawid was forced to seek refuge in Lübeck and was then interned by the locals. Further fate of the ship remains unknown.