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60°40′37″N 010°51′16″E / 60.67694°N 10.85444°E / 60.67694; 10.85444

Kraby station

Kraby is a village and an area of Østre Toten municipality in Oppland. The village lies around 2 kilometres east of Lena on riksvei 33. The village is named after the Kraby farms.

Kraby became a stopping point with the opening of the Skreiabanen in 1902, and the village name Kraby came into use. Next to the station, a post office (2855 KRABY), was opened. In addition, some traders opened in Kraby. In 1916, a local festival, Festiviteten, opened, now known as Teten. After the Second World War, further building took place in Kraby. As well as the highway and Hoff stone church, there was also the Fostadjordet residential area. Directly south of Kraby, at Krabyskauen, Østre Toten municipality built an industrial area in the 1980s.

The station building at Kraby was designed by the architect Paul Armin Due. It was staffed from the start, but has not been operational since 1964. This was due to the drop in passenger numbers from Skreiabanen. In 1975, the station closed, at the same time as the Post Office. After a period of closure, the station building was restored, and in 2002 won the Fortidsminneforeningen's protection prize.

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