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Entrance to the park

Kraft Azalea Park (alternatively, Kraft Azalea Garden) is a scenic public park located in the city of Winter Park, Florida just north of Orlando, Florida. The park is bordered by Lake Maitland on the North and West.


The quiet 11-acre park has benches for reading, picnic, or just spending a quiet relaxing time. There are trails for short walks and the park also has a small dock that is open for fishing.

The Scenic Boat Tours, a well-established boat tour from downtown Winter Park routinely passes by the park. The Exedra monument, which is viewable from the boat tour, has been used for photo shoots and weddings. The park may be reserved for private events as such, but the park management limits the number of guests.[1]

Physical Location[edit]

The park is located in a residential area with very limited parking. Entrance to the park is located on 1363 Alabama Drive in Winter Park, Florida.

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Coordinates: 28°36′40″N 81°20′41″W / 28.611232°N 81.344715°W / 28.611232; -81.344715