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1,0 Kraienkopp cropped.jpg
Other names
  • Twents Hoen
  • Twentse
Country of originGermany, Netherlands
PCGBrare soft feather: light[1]
A Kraienköppe rooster

The Kraienkopp, Dutch: 'Twents Hoen', is a breed of chicken originating on the border region between Germany and the Netherlands. The latter of the two names is the Dutch language version, while the former is German. The Kraienkopp appears in two color varieties: Black-breasted Red and Silver. Males weigh 2.75 kilos (6 pounds), and females weigh 1.8 kilos (4 pounds). They have yellow skin and a small walnut-type comb.

The Kraienkopp breed was developed in the late nineteenth century from crosses of local types with Malays, and later with Silver Duckwing Leghorns. It was first shown in the Netherlands in 1920, and was shown in Germany in 1925.[2][3] It is rare today, and is best known as a layer and a show bird. Hens lay a fair number of off-white eggs, and will go broody. The Kraienkopp is an active bird with excellent foraging abilities.


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