Kraków (parliamentary constituency)

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For elections to the Sejm, the Kraków constituency covers the city of Kraków and four surrounding counties.

Kraków is a Polish parliamentary constituency that is coterminous with the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It elects fourteen members of the Sejm. [1]

The district has the number '13' for elections to the Sejm and is named after the city of Kraków. For elections to the Sejm, it includes the counties of Brzeg, Kraków, Miechów, and Olkusz and the city county of Kraków. For elections to the Senate, it also includes the counties of Chrzanów, Myślenice, Oświęcim, Sucha, and Wadowice.

List of members[edit]


Member Party
Andrzej Adamczyk Law and Justice
Barbara Bubula Law and Justice
Elżbieta Duda Law and Justice
Lidia Gądek Civic Platform
Jarosław Gowin Law and Justice
Józef Lassota Civic Platform
Jerzy Meysztowicz Modern
Jacek Osuchi Law and Justice
Ireneusz Raś Civic Platform
Bogusław Sonik Civic Platform
Agnieszka Ścigaj Kukiz'15
Ryszard Terlecki Law and Justice
Rafał Trzaskowski Civic Platform
Małgorzata Wassermann Law and Justice


Coordinates: 50°03′41″N 19°56′18″E / 50.061389°N 19.938333°E / 50.061389; 19.938333