Kraken Rum

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Kraken Rum
Kraken Black Spiced Rum logo.svg
Type Spiced Rum
Manufacturer Proximo Spirits
Country of origin Trinidad and Tobago
Introduced 2010
Alcohol by volume 47%
Proof (US) 94
Color Black
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Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a Caribbean black spiced rum.[1] It is distributed in the United States by Proximo Spirits, and named after the kraken, a mythical giant squid-like sea monster.[2]

Product description and packaging[edit]

Kraken Rum was introduced in 2010.[3] The base rum is from Trinidad, distilled from naturally sweet molasses made from locally-grown sugar cane. The rum is aged 1–2 years and then blended with a mix of 11 spices, including cinnamon, ginger and clove.[1][4][5] The liquid is black, revealing hints of brown when held up to the light.[6]

The bottle is styled after a Victorian rum bottle, with two hoop handles based on the tradition of hanging a bottle to prevent breakages. The bottle has a black and white paper label featuring an illustration of a Kraken sea creature. The bottle's back label states that it is "imported rum from the Caribbean blended with natural flavors."[2]

Beginning in 2015, Proximo began selling Kraken Ghost White Rum exclusively in Mexico.


In 2013, two outdoor 3D billboards went up in Chicago, with a kraken sea creature's giant tentacle pulling a consumer out of an apartment window in an advertisement for Kraken Rum.[7] The ad was created by New York agency Dead As We Know It,[7] which also produced several animated TV spots for the brand, combining 2D and 3D animations in a 19th-century scientific style, as well as an iPhone and Android app, The Kraken: The Simulation Application for Nautical Maneuvering, a game in which players steer a ship through kraken-infested waters.[3][8][9] Later that year, Blur Studio created animated spots featuring a kraken destroying a ship to the tune of Bobby Darin's 1959 version of the song "Beyond the Sea".[10]

Kraken Rum is the sponsor of the Kitschies, a British speculative fiction award.[11]


Kraken has been named an Impact "Hot Brand" by Impact magazine.[3]


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