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Kiełbasa krakowska 2.jpg
Type Sausage
Course Appetizer
Place of origin Poland
Serving temperature Hot, Cold
Main ingredients Pork

Krakowska (/krəˈkɒvskə/ krə-KOV-skə)[citation needed] is a type of Polish sausage (kielbasa), usually served as a cold cut. The name derives from the city of Kraków (mediaeval capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth till late 16th century). It is made from cuts of lean pork seasoned with pepper, allspice, coriander, and garlic, packed into large casings, and smoked.[1] English speaking countries often use the German name for the sausage, Krakauer (/krɑːˈk.ər/ krah-KOW-ər).


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