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Krallice CD cover.jpg
Studio album by Krallice
Released July 11, 2008 (CD)
March, 2009 (vinyl)
Genre Black metal[1]
Length 61:45
Producer Colin Marston
Krallice chronology
Dimensional Bleedthrough
Vinyl cover
Krallice vinyl cover.jpg
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The Apparatus (9.1/10)[2]
Pitchfork (7.8/10)[1]

Krallice is the first album by the New York–based black metal band Krallice.[3] It was released on compact disc in 2008 by the Canadian-based Profound Lore Records, and on vinyl in 2009 by the American-based Gilead Media.[4]

The album was recorded before Nick McMaster had joined the band so he only appears as an additional vocalist on the recording and the bass guitar was played by both Marston and Barr.[5]


Colin Marston recorded, mixed and mastered the album in his studio Menegroth, the Thousand Caves in Woodhaven, Queens. Though the band initially intended to use a lo-fi approach, the music was too dense to come out successfully. The album was recorded on 2" tape with multiple microphones and guitar layers. Marston describes it as "pure and ambient" as a contrast to the buzzy trebley guitar and fake reverb found on some older black metal. The guitars were doubled with different tones and recorded in the same room as the amps so that feedback proliferates the recording. The bass guitar was run through two amplifiers, one slightly dirtier than the other. The drums were tuned as low as possible and recorded from a distance to give a loud sound with no reverb or triggers.[6]

Track listing[edit]

No music or lyrics credits are given.
No. Title Length
1. "Wretched Wisdom" 10:15
2. "Cnestorial" 10:43
3. "Molec Codices" 9:35
4. "Timehusk" 6:06
5. "Energy Chasms" 9:46
6. "Forgiveness in Rot" 15:22


Additional musicians


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