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Krampouz S.A.S.
FounderJean-Marie Bosser
HeadquartersPluguffan, Brittany, France
Key people
Serge Kergoat
Number of employees
50 Edit this on Wikidata

Krampouz is a manufacturing company based in Brittany, France and developing a full range of made in France commercial and residential cooking equipment. Main product lines : crepe makers, waffle makers, panini grill, planchas.

Krampouz is derived from the Breton word "krampouezh" which means Crêpe in Breton (cf. krampouezh).

Early history[edit]

Krampouz crepe makers in use in a Parisian crêperie

Shortly after manufacturing for a friend, a first experimental cast-iron electric crepe griddle in 1945, electrician Jean-Marie Bosser decided to launch his own crepe maker manufacturing company. Krampouz was thus created in 1949. The company first developed a full range of professional electric crepe makers for which it instantly became - and ever since remained - a leader worldwide. Krampouz then, later on introduced professional gas crepe makers as well as domestic electric crepe makers.

Current situation[edit]

Professional cast-iron panini machines in a Montreal coffee shop
Belgian waffle maker in use during the gastronomy competition of the Montreal Highlights Festival

After the acquisition at the end of the twentieth century, of a Belgian waffle maker manufacturer's trademark, Krampouz introduced a full range of cast-iron waffle makers. This line of products was then completely redesigned and brought to a new standard through innovation. New Krampouz waffle makers produced a breakthrough on the markets with the introduction of Easy Clean System (patented). This innovation allows users to detach irons from the machine to clean them. The company then developed more new products, adding Easy Clean panini machines and carts to its commercial range. In the mid 2000s Krampouz added griddles named Planchas to its residential and commercial ranges. MR Serge Kergoat became CEO in 2006 and Krampouz developed a new strategy focusing on increasing its presence in foreign markets. 2013 company turnover is 12.3m€. Present distribution network: 200 distributors in more than 150 countries.

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