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Krar Linden-Museum F55878.jpg
A wooden krar.
String instrument
Classification lyre
DevelopedEthiopia and Eritrea
Related instruments

Krar (Tigrinya/Tigre/Amharic: ክራር) is a five-or-six stringed bowl-shaped lyre from Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is tuned to a pentatonic scale. A modern Krar may be amplified, much in the same way as an electric guitar or violin.


A krar player from Ethiopia

A chordophone, the krar is usually decorated with wood, cloth and beads. Its five or six strings determine the available pitches. The instrument's tone depends on the musician's playing technique: bowing, strumming or plucking. If plucked, the instrument will produce a soft tone. Strumming, on the other hand, will yield a harmonious pulsation.

A krar is often played by musician-singers called azmari. It usually accompanies love songs and secular songs.


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