Krasnaya Rechka, Kyrgyzstan

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Krasnaya Rechka

Красная Речка
Krasnaya Rechka is located in Kyrgyzstan
Krasnaya Rechka
Krasnaya Rechka
Coordinates: 42°54′0″N 74°57′36″E / 42.90000°N 74.96000°E / 42.90000; 74.96000Coordinates: 42°54′0″N 74°57′36″E / 42.90000°N 74.96000°E / 42.90000; 74.96000
RegionChuy Region
DistrictYsyk-Ata District
737 m (2,418 ft)
 • Total7,274

Krasnaya Rechka ('Red River') is a village in the Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan 8 km east of Kant. Its population was 7,274 in 2009.[1] Nearby is the ruined Sogdian silk road settlement of Navekat ('new town'). It was active between the 6th and 12th centuries and was the largest town in the valley at the time. Buddhist, Nestorian, Manichaean, Chinese and Sanskrit remains have been found. There is little visible on the surface.


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