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Krause (German for ruffle) is a common German surname that may refer to:

Krause can also refer to:

  • Krause Bottom, a riparian forest area on the Elwha River along the Geyser Valley trail in Olympic National Park, Washington
  • Krause Music Store, a two-story building in Chicago, the last commission by architect Louis Sullivan
  • Krause Publications, a publisher of magazines and books, especially their series of Standard Catalog of World Coins which are often referred to as the Krause Catalogues
  • Krause-Kivlin syndrome, a hereditary syndrome that mainly affects the eyes, growth and development
  • Krause's glands, small, mucous accessory lacrimal glands that are found underneath the eyelid where the upper and lower conjuctivae meet
  • Otto Krause Technical School, an educational institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Villa Krause, the city of the Argentine of San Juan in the Cuyo region
  • Virchow Krause Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP was founded by Ed Virchow in 1931

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