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Krave is a chocolate cereal made by the Kellogg Company. The concept of chocolate filled cereal was introduced by Telma in Israel. Their product was launched in 1994 and called Kariot (כריות), which in Hebrew means pillows. Kellogg launched their version of it in the UK in 2010, marketed under the slogan "Taste Unleashed", later "Here Choccy Choccy" or "It's Time 2 Melt". The advertisements feature the cereal pieces hunting blocks of chocolate. The cereals are sold in France under the name Trésor and in Germany Tresor. It was introduced in the United States in 2012.[1]

Varieties in UK[edit]

  • Chocolate Hazelnut (red, introduced 2010)
  • Milk Chocolate (purple, introduced 2011)
  • Chocolate Caramel (orange, introduced 2011, discontinued 2014)
  • Totally Chocolatey (blue, introduced 2011, discontinued 2013)
  • White Chocolate Brownie (white, introduced 2012)
  • Choco Roulette (orange, introduced 2015, mix of chocolate caramel, white chocolate, chocolate hazelnuts and milk chocolate)

In September 2011, Kellogg started a flavour campaign between the two then-limited edition flavours, Totally Chocolatey and Chocolate Caramel, to decide which of the two flavours was to be a permanent addition to the Krave brand, through voting on the cereal's Facebook page. When the votes were tallied on 31 October 2011, Chocolate Caramel got the most votes and was later made for general release, though Totally Chocolatey was also later re-released. In 2013, "Totally Chocolatey" was discontinued.

Krave also have an online game as a tie-in with the cereal called "Chocovore Horror". They also promoted The Smiler.

In 2012, Kellogg introduced Krave to the North American market in two flavors/varieties:

  • Chocolate (golden brown)
  • Double Chocolate (brown)
  • S'mores (introduced in 2014 in North America)

Krave in the United States is a different recipe than in the United Kingdom. The U.S. version is darker yellow and has a sweeter taste.[citation needed]

In India Kellogs Krave is marketed as Kellogg's Chocos Fills [2]


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