Kraven the Hunter (Ana Kravinoff)

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Kraven the Hunter
Ana Tatiana Kravinoff.jpg
Ana Kravinoff's villain variant cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #634.
Art by Joe Quinones.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThe Amazing Spider-Man #565 (September 2008)
Created byMarc Guggenheim
Joe Kelly
Mike McKone
Phil Jimenez
In-story information
Alter egoAnastasia "Ana" Tatiana Kravinoff
Team affiliationsKravinoff Family
AbilitiesExpert martial artist and tracker
Brilliant intellect
Minimal superhuman strength and speed
Good medical knowledge
Use of various weapons

Ana Kravinoff, also known as the third Kraven the Hunter, is a fictional supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is the daughter of Kraven the Hunter, the niece of Chameleon, the sister of Grim Hunter, and the half-sister of Alyosha Kravinoff.

Publication history[edit]

Ana Kravinoff first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #565 and was created by Marc Guggenheim, Joe Kelly, Mike McKone, and Phil Jimenez. She is later revealed to be a NuHuman in All-New Inhumans Issue # 6.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Anastasia "Ana" Tatiana Kravinoff is a 12-year-old girl who is the first female to take on the name of Kraven the Hunter. She first appears tracks Spider-Man to his apartment, but mistakenly believes Peter Parker's roommate Vin Gonzales was him. She then methodically ruins Vin's life, and captures him.[1] Despite Vin's claims that he was not Spider-Man, Kraven prepared to hunt him, but was stopped by the real Spider-Man who was wearing Daredevil's costume (which notably had eyelids for him to be able to see). At the end, it is revealed that she is Kraven's daughter by a woman called Sasha Aleksandra Nikolaevich (also mother of the deceased Vladimir Kravinoff). She and her mother have recently set about forming an alliance of Spider-Man villains to get revenge on the wall-crawler and kidnap Madame Web. They also hired Deadpool to keep him distracted while they kidnapped Mattie Franklin. Their revenge scheme will play an important role in the Gauntlet.[2] Ana and Sasha later meet up with Alyosha Kravinoff who assists them in preparing for the "Grim Hunt" where they start going after Kaine.[3]

Ana assists her half-brother Alyosha Kravinoff into attempting to abduct Arachne, only to run afoul of Spider-Man who repels them. Ana alongside Alyosha, Electro, and Diablo were present when Sasha sacrificed Mattie Franklin as part of a revival ritual that resurrected Vladimir Kravinoff as a humanoid lion creature.[4] Ana alongside Vladimir and Alyosha attacked Anya Corazon, only to end up fighting Spider-Man, Arachne, Kaine, and Ezekiel (who was really Ana's half-uncle Chameleon in disguise). The Kravinoffs managed to overpower them and make off with Anya and Arachne. After Chameleon sheds his disguise and Spider-Man partially succumbs to the drugs the Kravinoffs have given him, Ana was present when Kaine (dressed as Spider-Man) was killed as a sacrifice as part of a ritual that revived her father Sergei Kravinoff.[5] Following the resurrection, Sergei gets acquainted with his family. When Kraven returns after preventing Vladimir from attacking the captives, he is shown to lack a sense of control attacking Ana until he is stabbed in the heart by Ana in self-defense. Sergei recovers stating that Sasha restored him with corrupted blood or the "unlife" as he puts it.[6] When the Kravinoff Family was defeated, Ana alongside the other Kravinoffs escaped to the Savage Land. After Sasha and Vladimir are killed by Kraven and Alyosha flees, she runs off to hunt Alyosha to prove herself to Kraven. She tells Kraven that if she can take down Alyosha, Kraven should train her and help rebuild the Kravinoff family. Otherwise, he will forget about family.[7]

Ana later attacks the Anya Corazon (who is now operating as Spider-Girl) in an attempt to finish the hunt she started during The Grim Hunt. Although obviously the stronger fighter, Ana is eventually defeated thanks to Spider-Girl's experience at fighting in New York City. She is thereafter incarcerated.[8]

Ana later escapes incarceration and heads to Houston to hunt Kaine (the current Scarlet Spider). Ana and her brother Aloysha delivered the killing blows to Kaine that lead to his blood resurrecting her father Kraven the Hunter. However, since Kaine himself was resurrected shortly afterwards so that there could be balance between Hunters and Spiders, it remains to be seen what other motives Ana has for Kaine as there are visions of a dark future ahead for the Scarlet Spider.[9]

With the help of Ana, Kraven kidnapped Kaine's friends in order to motivate the Scarlet Spider to fight him. In the end, Kaine delivered Kraven a fatal blow in the chest, which paralyzed his heart. But using the same attack, Kaine brought him back to life supposedly still breaking the curse. Following the fight, both Kravens disappeared.[10]

Ana Kravinoff later serves as the guide to the Inhumans Gorgon and Flint, taking them to the Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique, Africa, where they found the hidden Inhuman city of Utolan.[11] During this time, Ana reveals that she has Inhuman ancestry on her mother's side, something she discovered while hunting down her mother's family members (and for which her father tried to kill her when she told him). She came to Utolan looking for a cure, but was sedated by order of the councilwoman Sanara, who took some of her genetic material for use in the city's Eugenics-based practices.[12] Ana managed to escape and hunted down Sanara. She was exposed to the Terrigen Mist cloud during her hunt which awakened her Inhuman genes. As she prepares to kill Sanara, Ana notes that it is time to "embrace [her] nature".[13]

In a prelude to the "Hunted" storyline, Ana accompanies her father in hunting the New Men in order to draw out the High Evolutionary. When Ana learned that her father had the High Evolutionary make 87 clones of him, Ana considers this a disgrace to the Kravinoff family and declares herself a "Kravinoff no more" which Kraven shrugged off.[14]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Ana Kravinoff possesses some of her father's superhuman strength and speed. She is also an expert martial artist where she is the master of Krav Maga. Ana also has expert tracking abilities and a brilliant mind and often deploys elaborate traps to surprise her foes.

When it comes to weapons, Ana uses a variety of weapons like swords, axes, staffs, clubs, batons, whips, and spears. For ranged weapons, Ana has great accuracy when using a variety of ranged weapons like guns, bow and arrows, crossbows, sniper rifles, blow darts, bolas, throwing spears, throwing nets, and boomerangs where she rarely misses her target when using them.

Ana possesses a good knowledge of medicine as well as that of exotic poisons, drugs, plants, tranquilizers, and their effects on both human and animal anatomy.

In other media[edit]



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