Kravga Bridge

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Kravga Bridge
Coordinates36°46′55″N 33°11′06″E / 36.7820°N 33.1850°E / 36.7820; 33.1850Coordinates: 36°46′55″N 33°11′06″E / 36.7820°N 33.1850°E / 36.7820; 33.1850
CrossesGöksu River
Materialstone arches
Total length8,340 m (27,360 ft)
No. of spans3
Construction start14th century
Construction end14th century
Kravga Bridge is located in Turkey
Kravga Bridge
Kravga Bridge
Location in Turkey

Kravga (or Gravga) Bridge is a historical bridge in Mersin Province, Turkey


The bridge is in Göksu town which is in Mut district of Mersin Province. At 36°46′56″N 33°11′06″E / 36.78222°N 33.18500°E / 36.78222; 33.18500 it is on the road to west and over Göksu River.


It was constructed by the Karamanids, a Turkmen principality which ruled in the 13th-15th centuries. (see Anatolian beyliks) According to Turkish General Directorate of Highways, they either fully constructed or used the foundations of a former bridge ruin (which was probably an early Roman bridge) [1] This second hypothesis is supported by the fact that the masonry of the lower part of the arches and the rest of the bridge are different.[2] The bridge was active till 1990.[3]


The bridge is an arch type bridge. There are three arches. But they are not symmetrical. One side arch is smaller than the other. The diameters of the arches from the east are 16.15 metres (53.0 ft), 19.70 metres (64.6 ft) and 8.20 metres (26.9 ft). The total length of the bridge is 83.40 metres (273.6 ft) There are two discharging cells and several open-spandrels which are thought to balance the weight. The width is 3.60 metres (11.8 ft) and the height of the parapeth is about 1 metre (3 ft 3 in).[1]


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