Krazy (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Fleetway and IPC
Schedule Weekly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date 16 October 1976 - 15 April 1978
No. of issues 79

Krazy was a British comic book magazine published every Monday by IPC Magazines Ltd.[1] It ran from (issues dates) 16 October 1976 to 15 April 1978, when it merged with stable-mate Whizzer and Chips.[1] In 1977, one of the characters in the comic, Cheeky, proved popular enough to get his own comic, Cheeky, which was later merged into Whoopee!. The comic included a "disguise" back-cover, such as the cover of a diary or brochure, which allowed readers to hide the comic from parents or teachers (although one issue on April Fool's day had the front cover upside down).[1]


Krazy's stories included:


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