Krazy Baldhead

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Krazy Baldhead
Birth name Pierre-Antoine Grison
Origin Paris, France
Genres Electronic music, dance music
Years active 2004-present
Labels Ed Banger Records
Associated acts Donso
Website Krazy Baldhead on Myspace

Pierre-Antoine Grison, better known as Krazy Baldhead, is a French electronic music artist signed to Ed Banger Records.


After working as a telecommunications engineer, Grison pursued a career in music and his first release as Krazy Baldhead was the 2004 12-inch single "Bill's Break", released on Ed Banger Records.[1][2] His debut album The B Suite was released in 2009.[3][4]

In 2004 he formed the group Donso, a group performing West African music featuring the donso n'goni, along with Thomas Guillaume and later Malian musicians Guimba Kouyaté and Gédéon Papa Diarra.[5][6] The group released albums in 2010 and 2013.[7]

In 2012 he released his second solo album The Noise in the Sky.[8]

Krazy Baldhead also works as a certified Ableton Live trainer.[9]


Singles / EPs[edit]

Year Title B-sides Format Label
2004 Bill's Break Bill's Break (Feadz Remix), Revolution (Para One Remix) 12" Ed Banger Records
2005 Time.Period (Split with SebastiAn) 7" Ed Banger Records
2006 Dry Guillotine Crazy Muthafuckas (Midfield General Remix), Applejuice 12" Ed Banger Records
2009 Sweet Night Katana Power, Saturnication, Choppin' 12" Ed Banger Records
2012 Surabaya Girl Surabaya Girl, Surabaya Girl (MYD Remix), Surabaya Girl (Tropics Remix)' Digital Download Ed Banger Records


Year Title Label
2009 The B-Suite Ed Banger Records
2012 The Noise in the Sky Ed Banger Records


Year Artist Title
2006 dDamage "Ink808"
2006 Sayem "Superficiel"
2006 Outlines "Waiting In Line"
2007 Aufgang "Infiné"
2007 Pivot "Fuck Me Baby"
2008 The Mules "This is Your Life"

Other releases[edit]

Year Title Album
2007 Strings of Death Ed Rec Vol. 2
2008 No Cow, No Pow Ed Rec Vol. 3
2009 Ghost Busters feat. Outlines Ed Banger Records Podcast
2013 My Soul is Like a Tree Ed Rec Vol. X
2014 Start, Romance, Destruction Vandroid

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