Kredu min, sinjorino!

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Believe me, Madam!
Author Cezaro Rossetti
Original title Kredu min, sinjorino!
Country 3rd. Pisa, Italy?
Language Esperanto
Publisher 1st; 2nd; 3rd. Edistudio
Publication date
1950, ?, 1990
Media type Print (paper)
Pages 278
ISBN 88-7036-040-7
OCLC 39388977

Kredu min, sinjorino! (English: Believe me, Madam!) is a novel originally written in Esperanto by Cezaro Rossetti. It is listed in William Auld's Basic Esperanto Reading List and was published for the first time in 1950, the same year in which Rossetti died.

The book, which the author dedicated to his brother Reto, is an autobiographical novel, which tells of his life and work as a travelling salesman and hawker.

The book was translated into Hungarian by Sándor Szathmári (Tréfán kívül, 1957). In 2013 the Milan Esperanto Club prepared a translation into Italian, which was then published by the Italian Esperanto Federation.