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Location of Tuckum County within the Courland Governorate
Courland Governorate, 1820

Grobin County (German: Kreis Grobin, Russian: Гробинский уезд, Latvian: Grobiņas apriņķis) was one of the ten subdivisions of the Courland Governorate of the Russian Empire. Its capital was Grobiņa (Grobin). Kreis Grobin was situated in the westernmost part of the governorate (mostly in present-day southwestern Latvia, partly in northwestern Lithuania).


At the time of the Russian Empire Census of 1897, Kreis Grobin had a population of 110,878. Of these, 58.5% spoke Latvian, 15.3% German, 6.9% Russian, 6.5% Yiddish, 5.8% Polish, 5.5% Lithuanian, 0.3% Belarusian, 0.2% Danish or Norwegian and 0.2% Ukrainian as their native language. [1]