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Kreis Mogilno was one of many Kreise (counties) in the northern administrative district of Bromberg, in the Prussian province of Posen.


Geographical features[edit]

Mogilno main page (in Polish)

Table of Standesämter[edit]

"Standesamt" is the German name of the local civil registration offices which were established in October 1874 soon after the German Empire was formed.

Standesamt Polish name
Altraden Kołodziejewo
Gembitz Gębice


Kirchlich Palendzie Palędzie Kościelne
Mogilno Mogilno
Pakosch Pakość
Rosenau Jastrzębowo


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Table of all communities[edit]

Table of office holders[edit]

Name When
xxx xxx


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Coordinates: 52°39′00″N 17°57′00″E / 52.650000°N 17.950000°E / 52.650000; 17.950000