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Kreis Schildberg (Polish: Powiat ostrzeszowski) was a county in the southern administrative district of Posen, in the Prussian province of Posen. It presently lies in the south-eastern part of Polish region of Greater Poland Voivodeship.

Military command[edit]

Kreis Schildberg was part of the military command (German: Bezirkskommando) in Posen at Ostrowo.

Court system[edit]

The main court (German: Landgericht) was in Ostrowo, with lower courts (German: Amtsgericht) in Schildberg.

Civil registry offices[edit]

In 1905, these civil registry offices (German: Standesamt) served the following towns in Kreis Schildberg:

Police districts[edit]

In 1905, these police districts (German: Polizeidistrikt) served towns in Kreis Schildberg:

Catholic churches[edit]

In 1905, these Catholic parish churches served towns in Kreis Schildberg:

Protestant churches[edit]

In 1905, Protestant parish churches served towns in Kreis Schildberg:

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