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Kreis Schwerin in Posen (Polish: Powiat skwierzyński) was a county in Prussia, first in the southern administrative Region of Posen within the Prussian Province of Posen (till 1920), then within the Province of the Frontier March of Posen-West Prussia (till 1 October 1938) and at last as part of the administrative Region of Frankfurt within the Province of Brandenburg (till 1945). It presently lies in the western part of Polish region of Lubuskie Voivodeship.


The county was formed in 1887 from parts of the Kreis Birnbaum. After the First World War Kreis Schwerin and few more counties belonged to the truncated rest of the Province of Posen remaining with the Free State of Prussia, Germany. Together with Kreis Bomst and Kreis Meseritz the Kreis Schwerin formed a western territorial exclave of Posen-West Prussia. The county's capital Schwerin in Posen (now Skwierzyna), thus distinguished from Schwerin in Mecklenburg, started being rather distinguished as Schwerin upon Warthe by the river it is located on, which is why also the county was referred to as Kreis Schwerin (Warthe). When Posen-West Prussia province was dissolved in 1938 the bulk of its territory, anyway neighbouring Pomerania, was annexed to that province, whereas its western exclave became part of the Province of Brandenburg.

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Civil registry offices[edit]

In 1905, these civil registry offices (German: Standesamt) served the following towns in Kreis Schwerin in Posen:

Table of all communities[edit]

Community Polish spelling 1905 Pop Polish German Jewish Civil Ofc Police Ofc Court Ofc

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