Kreisliga Schwaben-Mitte

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Kreisliga Schwaben-Mitte
Map of Bavaria with the location of Swabia highlighted
Country  Germany
State  Bavaria
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid Level 8
Promotion to Bezirksliga Süd
Relegation to
  • Kreisklasse Allgäu I
  • Kreisklasse Allgäu II
Current champions TSV Babenhausen

The Kreisliga Schwaben-Mitte is currently the eighth tier of the German football league system in the central region of the Bavarian Regierungsbezirk of Swabia (German: Schwaben). Until the disbanding of the Bezirksoberliga Schwaben in 2012 it was the ninth tier. From 2008, when the 3. Liga was introduced, was the eighth tier of the league system, until the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 the seventh tier.


The winner of the Kreisliga Schwaben-Mitte, like the winner of the Kreisliga Schwaben-Süd and the Kreisliga Schwaben-Augsburg, is directly promoted to the Bezirksliga Schwaben-Süd. The second placed teams out of those leagues and the 13th placed team out of the Bezirksliga play-off for the last spot there.

The teams relegated from the Kreisliga have to step down to the Kreisklasse. The Kreisliga Schwaben-Mitte is fed by the Kreisklasses Schwaben-Mindelheim and Schwaben-Memmingen.

Until 1998, the Kreisliga Mitte was called A-Klasse Mitte. Until 2010, reserve teams of clubs in the league had to enter a parallel reserves division without promotion or relegation but have since been allowed to join the regular league system.[1]

League champions[edit]

The league champions since 1993 were:[2][3]

Season Club
1992–93 FC Viktoria Buxheim
1993–94 ASV Fellheim
1994–95 FC Niederrieden
1995–96 FC Viktoria Buxheim
1996–97 TSV Legau
1997–98 BSC Memmingen
1998–99 FC Buchloe
1999–2000 SV Lachen
2000–01 FC Bad Wörishofen
2001–02 SV Lachen
2002–03 BSC Wolfertsschwenden
2003–04 SV Egg an der Günz
Season Club
2004–05 TSV Ottobeuren
2005–06 Tur Abdin Memmingen
2006–07 TSV Mindelheim
2007–08 BSC Memmingen
2008–09 BSK Olympia Neugablonz
2009–10 SV Ungerhausen
2010–11 BSC Memmingen
2011–12 FSV Lamerdingen
2012–13 FC Viktoria Buxheim
2013–14 ASV Fellheim
2014–15 DJK-SV Memmingen-Ost
2015–16 TSV Babenhausen

Current clubs[edit]

The clubs in the league in the 2015–16 season and their 2015–16 final positions:[4]

Club Position
TSV Babenhausen 1st (promoted)
FC Viktoria Buxheim 2nd
SV Ungerhausen 3rd
TV Woringen 4th
SVO Germaringen 5th
FC Heimertingen 6th
ASV Fellheim 7th
FSV Lamerdingen 8th
SV Mauerstetten 9th
SV Pforzen 10th
SV Eggenthal 11th
TSV Kammlach 12th
TV Sontheim 13th (relegated)
FC Blonhofen 14th (relegated)
SV Salamander Türkheim 15th (relegated)
SV Stöttwang 16th (relegated)


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  • Das Fussball Jahresjournal (in German) Annual end-of-season magazine of the Swabian FA

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