Krems (Upper Austria)

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The Krems by Neuhofen an der Krems.

The Krems is an approximately 60 kilometer long tributary of the Traun in Upper Austria.

It originates at the foot of the mountain "Kremsmauer" in Micheldorf, runs northwards in the Traunviertel through the Upper-Austrian Alpine foothills, and flows into the Traun in Ebelsberg, a district of Linz.

The largest towns in the valley of the Krems are Kirchdorf an der Krems, Schlierbach, Wartberg an der Krems, Kremsmünster, Rohr im Kremstal, Kematen an der Krems, Neuhofen an der Krems and Ansfelden, which belong to the Oberösterreichischer Zentralraum.

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Coordinates: 48°14′29″N 14°18′57″E / 48.241267°N 14.315851°E / 48.241267; 14.315851