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Alignment Neutral
Type Magical beast
Publication history
First appearance Monster Manual 3.0

A krenshar is a strange catlike carnivore from Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Publication history[edit]

The krenshar appeared in the third edition Monster Manual (2000),[1] and in the 3.5 revised Monster Manual (2003).[2]

The krenshar appears in the game's fourth edition in Monster Manual 2 (2009).


A krenshar resembles a great cat four or five feet in length with a long narrow head, a shaggy, spotted coat, a bristling mane along its spine and a long bushy tail. Krenshars typically hunt herd animals, with males and females hunting together. A krenshar can pull back the extremely flexible skin on its head, revealing the muscles and bony structure of its skull, which it uses to scare its foes. A krenshar is also able to emit a loud screech which has the magical effect of unsettling its foes. A krenshar pride will usually send a solitary scout to scare prey and drive it towards the rest, chasing the fleeing target and joining the attack. A young krenshar can be domesticated, and will make a fierce and loyal companion.

Other publishers[edit]

The krenshar appears in the Pathfinder Bestiary II (2010).[3]


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