Kreshchenie ognyom

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Kreshchenie ognyom
Kreschenie Ognyom.jpg
Studio album by Aria
Released 2003
Genre Heavy metal
Length 51:23
Label ARIA Records
Producer Aria
Aria chronology
Крещение огнём

Kreshchenie ognyom (Russian: Крещение огнём; lit. Baptism by Fire) is Aria's 9th studio album, the first which does not feature long-time vocalist and co-founder of the band - Valery Kipelov. The CD version of this release is enhanced and contains the video for the song "Kolizey".

The tracks "Kolizey", "Tam vysoko" and "Kreshchenie ognyom" had reached the top position of radio charts in Russia during 2003.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Margarita Pushkina, except where noted.

No. Title Lyrics Music {{{extra_column}}} Length
1. "Patriot" (Патриот)   Vladimir Holstinin   4:19
2. "Kreshchenie ognyom" (Крещение огнём, lit. Christening by Fire)   Vitaly Dubinin   6:06
3. "Kolizey" (Колизей, lit. Coliseum) Aleksandr Yelin Vladimir Holstinin Coliseum 6:29
4. "Palach" (Палач, lit. Executioner)   Vladimir Holstinin   8:38
5. "Tvoy novy mir" (Твой новый мир, lit. Your New World)   Vitaly Dubinin   4:04
6. "Tam vysoko" (Там высоко, lit. There Up High)   Vitaly Dubinin   5:37
7. "Bely flag" (Белый флаг, lit. White Flag) Alexander Yelin Vladimir Holstinin   4:40
8. "Bitva" (Битва, lit. Battle)   Sergey Popov   5:01
9. "Bal u knyazya tmy" (Бал у князя тьмы, lit. Feast at the Prince of Darkness)   Vladimir Holstinin   5:58

Lyric themes[edit]

  • "Patriot" tells about fighting against Islamic terrorism.
  • "Kreshchenie ognyom" tells about pagan resistance to enforced christianisation.
  • "Kolizey" recalls to Ridley Scott's The Gladiator.
  • "Palach" tells the story of an immortal executor who has killed insane man, called God's son, and his inner struggle.
  • "Bitva" tells a science-fiction story of alien invasion.
  • "Bal u knyazya tmy" is based on The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.


Cover art by Leo Hao.