Kresna Gorge

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Coordinates: 41°46′7″N 23°9′18″E / 41.76861°N 23.15500°E / 41.76861; 23.15500

The Struma at the Kresna Gorge

The Kresna Gorge is a steep valley in southwestern Bulgaria. The Struma River, which stems off of Vitosha mountains, is what formed this site. The gorge is rich in biodiversity, which may be in danger of the project to build the Struma Motorway, which is part of Trans European Corridor No. 4.[citation needed]

The Kresna Gorge was the place of the Battle of Kresna Gorge between Bulgaria and Greece during the 1913 Second Balkan War. The Greek army was threatened by encirclement in the valley, but due to the Romanian army advancing against the undefended capital Sofia, Bulgaria had to agree to an armistice and the resulting peace treaty in Bucharest which was unfavorable to Bulgaria's territorial aspirations.[1]

The first class road I-1 runs through the gorge, carrying the heavy automobile traffic. In future, Struma motorway (A3) shall bypass Kresna Gorge with a 15 km long twin tube tunnel.[2]