Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėža gymnasium

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Kretinga Jurgis Pabreza University Gymnasium
Kretingos Jurgio Pabrėžos Universitetinė Gimnazija
Savanorių st. 56
Kretinga, Lithuania, LT-97114
Coordinates 55°53′23″N 21°15′44″E / 55.88972°N 21.26222°E / 55.88972; 21.26222Coordinates: 55°53′23″N 21°15′44″E / 55.88972°N 21.26222°E / 55.88972; 21.26222
School type University gymnasium
Established 1 September 1980 (1980-09-01)
Founder Kretinga district municipality
School code 190284291
Principal Asta Burbienė
Teaching staff 50
Number of students 475
Classes 18
Average class size 26
Student to teacher ratio 9,5
Language Lithuanian
Classrooms 70

The Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėža University Gymnasium is a school in Kretinga, Lithuania that provides primary, secondary, and supplementary education programs.


It was founded on 1 September 1980 as Third High School. Science and humanities classes were introduced between 1991 and 1992, and the humanities gained accreditation in 1993. The school adopted the Jurgis Pabrėža name on 30 May 1994. The Kretinga district municipality decided on 30 May 1997 that from September 1997 onwards, Jurgis Pabrėža High School would be reorganized as a gymnasium: Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėža Gymnasium.[citation needed]

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