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Highest point
Elevation 1,719 m (5,640 ft) [1]
Location Bavaria, Germany
Kandahar downhill course
at Garmisch Classic in 2008,
descending from Kreuzjoch
Kreuzjoch is located in Germany
Location in southern Germany

Kreuzjoch is a mountain of Bavaria in southern Germany, part of the present-day Garmisch Classic ski resort.

Alpine ski racing[edit]

For the 1936 Winter Olympics in neighboring Garmisch-Partenkirchen, it was the starting line for the downhill portion of the combined event, the first-ever alpine skiing events in the Winter Olympics. Prior to the launch of the World Cup in 1967, the downhill course was one of the venues of the rotating Arlberg-Kandahar races. In addition to hosting numerous World Cup races, Garmisch Classic was the site of the World Championships in 1978 and 2011.



Coordinates: 47°27′50″N 11°04′30″E / 47.464°N 11.075°E / 47.464; 11.075