Kribi lighthouse

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Kribi Range Front Lighthouse
Kribi lighthouse
Kribi lighthouse is located in Cameroon
Kribi lighthouse
Location Kribi
Coordinates 2°56′22.4″N 9°54′14.2″E / 2.939556°N 9.903944°E / 2.939556; 9.903944Coordinates: 2°56′22.4″N 9°54′14.2″E / 2.939556°N 9.903944°E / 2.939556; 9.903944
Year first lit 1906
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern[1]
Markings / pattern white tower, red balcony and lantern
Height 15 metres (49 ft)
Focal height 18 metres (59 ft)
Characteristic Fl (3) W 12s.
Admiralty number D4134
NGA number 25236
ARLHS number CAM-003,[1] CAM-007[2][3]

Kribi lighthouse is located in Kribi, in the southern part of Cameroon near the Gulf of Guinea. It is a currently active lighthouse in a tourist destination, even though the historic structure is closed to tourists.


The lighthouse was built in 1906[1][4] by the German colonialists who had occupied Kamerun (the lighthouse and a church are the legacy of German colonial construction in the town[5]); today it is part of Francophone Cameroon.[6] In the early days there was a keeper's cottage by the lighthouse, but that has been removed today.[4] Today it is by the beach resort of Kribi and just north of the tourist destination[7] Lobe waterfall.[8] The location of the lighthouse at Kribi matched the town's status as the centre of trade for the southern region, which was notable for rubber and ivory.[9][10]


The lighthouse, after it was constructed, with the keeper's cottage.

The local Hotel du Phare,[11] is termed as the "host hotel" of the lighthouse by the travel industry,[12] at the Kienké River.[6][13][14] Douala is a few hours' drive away.[6][15]


The tower circular and painted white with a red top where the gallery is located. It is 15 metres tall by itself, but 18 metres above sea level. Its three white flashes every 12 seconds are visible up to 14 nautical miles away.[1] From the rear there is a continuous green light visible on the range line[4] to the steeple of the village church.[16] The year round wind averages are 83% onshore towards 45 degrees north.[17] Since the first half of 2006 it has been listed as historic in the World List of Lights.[2]

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