Krieg der Lügen

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Krieg der Lügen
War of Lies
Directed byMatthias Bittner
StarringRafed Aljanabi
Music byPhilipp Kobilke
CinematographyJulia Schlingmann
Edited byFriedemann Schmidt
Release date
22 November 2014 (Netherlands)
Running time
88 minutes
  • German
  • English

War of Lies (German: Krieg der Lügen) is a 2014 German documentary directed by Matthias Bittner.[1]


War of Lies is the story of an Iraqi refugee, whose information about portable weapons of mass destruction passed through the hands of the BND, MI6 and CIA. This information was ultimately used by the US government to legitimize the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Today we know the war was based on a lie.


Year Award Category Nominated Result
2016 44th International Emmy Awards[2] Best documentary Krieg der Lügen Won


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