Krieger–Nelson Prize

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The Krieger–Nelson Prize is presented by the Canadian Mathematical Society in recognition of an outstanding woman in mathematics. It was first awarded in 1995. The award is named after Cecilia Krieger and Evelyn Nelson, both known for their contributions to mathematics in Canada.[1]


While the award has largely been awarded to a female mathematician working at a Canadian University, it has also been awarded to Canadian-born or -educated women working outside of the country. For example, Cathleen Morawetz, past president of the American Mathematical Society, and a faculty member at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (a division of New York University) was awarded the Krieger–Nelson Prize in 1997. (Morawetz was educated at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada). According to the call for applications, the award winner should be a "member of the Canadian mathematical community".[2]

The recipient of the Krieger–Nelson Prize delivers a lecture to the Canadian Mathematical Society, typically during its summer meeting.[2]


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