Krieger (crater)

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Lunar crater Krieger (bottom center) from Apollo 15. NASA photo.
Coordinates 29°00′N 45°36′W / 29.0°N 45.6°W / 29.0; -45.6Coordinates: 29°00′N 45°36′W / 29.0°N 45.6°W / 29.0; -45.6
Diameter 22 km
Depth 1.1 km
Colongitude 46° at sunrise
Eponym Johann N. Krieger

Krieger is a lunar crater on the eastern part of the Oceanus Procellarum. It is located to the north-northwest of the flooded crater Prinz, and north-northeast of the prominent ray crater Aristarchus. To the northwest lies the small Wollaston.

In the past the floor of Krieger has been flooded by basaltic lava, leaving only a low, circular, somewhat polygonal ridge formed by the rim. The southern rim is broken across by the small Van Biesbroeck, and there is a small gap in the western rim. A meandering rille leads away from this break toward the northwest.

Nearby craters[edit]

Two tiny craters next to the eastern rim have been designated Rocco and Ruth. Rocco was previously designated as Krieger D before being named by the IAU.

Crater Longitude Latitude Diameter Name source
Rocco 28.9° N 45.0° W 5 km Italian masculine name
Ruth 28.7° N 45.1° W 3 km Jewish feminine name

The nearby surface to the southwest contains a number of rilles belonging to the Rimae Aristarchus and Rimae Prinz rille systems. Further to the east-southeast are the Montes Harbinger mountains.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Krieger.

Krieger Latitude Longitude Diameter
C 27.7° N 44.6° W 4 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.


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