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Kringlan, Reykjavik

Kringlan (Translated into "the mall" in literal English) is the largest shopping mall in Reykjavík[1] with over 170 shops, restaurants and services. Built in 1987, it contains everything from a library, theatre and cinema to a liquor store, candy stores and a pub. It has grown over the years, and is thought by many to be the biggest threat for the Reykjavík city centre stores. Kringlan is also competing with another shopping mall, Smáralind in Kópavogur for customers.


The name is derived from the Kringla marsh or Kringlumýri. A literal translation into English could either be 'circle' or 'pretzel', though the mall is neither circular nor has it anything to do with pretzels.


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Coordinates: 64°07′50″N 021°53′37″W / 64.13056°N 21.89361°W / 64.13056; -21.89361