Kris Bosmans

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Kris Bosmans
Personal information
Born15 Apr 1980
Team information
Rider typePara-cyclist

Kris Bosmans (born 15 April 1980 in Elsene) is a Belgian cyclist competing in paracycling class C3, road and track disciplines.

Career in sports[edit]

Kris Bosmans started in cycling sports at the age of 15. He had his first successes in the youth league. In 1998 he suffered a stroke and needed two years to recover. Since then, his right leg, left foot and left hand are handicapped.

In 2008 Bosmans watched a documentary about the paracyclist Jan Boyen who won a bronze medal at the Summer Paralympics 2008. This inspired him to try to become a paracyclist. In 2011 he became the world champion of street racing at the UCI Paracyling Street Racing event. In 2012 he started at the Summer Paralympics in London; in the street race he ended ranked 5th.[1] Since 2010 he has competed at the Belgian National Championships, becoming the Belgian National Champion several times.[citation needed]

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